Super Smash Brothers Melee

Nostalgic party game turned competitive masterpiece
Melee is a game I've been playing at a competitve level for 5 years


The Classic Intro

For the Love of the Game

I've had a love for Super Smash Bros. Melee ever since it first released in 2001 and I got to play it casually. Of course being the best of my friends pushed me to pursue an upper echelon of play. This all started when I encountered The Smash Brothers Documentary Series in late 2015. Now I am able to contribute to my community by creating content based around competitive play.

My favorite Melee content from the community


The Smash Brothers Documentary Series

This is the reason I got into the Esport when I did. After just watching this I was inspired to pick up a controller and the rest was history.


"No L's In Art" - A PGH Carroll Combo Video

A combo video showcasing 4 different playstyles with 4 different characters, all by one person.


20XX: The Ultimate Showdown - Fox vs. Fox (TAS)

The year is 20XX... players have obtained the ability to play Fox at TAS levels of perfection. The winner of every match now comes down to whoever has controller port priority.


There Is So Much More Melee (to be Played)

Despite being a rushed project released in 2001. The community has come so far and isn't showing signed of slowing down.

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