Hello I am Victor. I'm a creative problem solving enthusiast, with a constantly growing love for languages. I have frequent project management experiences; and the technologies that I am interested in are building webapps, machine learning, and UX/UI design.

I am a freelance software developer with strong analytical skills and proficiency in mathematics. I bring expertise in writing full-stack code to support multiple platforms, including web, android, and iOS, and I have a solid grasp of data structures and object-oriented designs. You may see me mentoring other developers at a hackathon or tech meetup near you.

a little bit about what i do

I enjoy building webapps using TypeScript with frameworks such as React.JS or Vue.JS in the frontend, and Node.js .NET or Ruby in the backend. I've worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, KSQL, & MongoDB in the database layer. I've used both Azure and AWS relatively equally in terms of Cloud. And I know my way around Xamarin, React Native, and Swift, and I commonly utilize RESTful APIs.


This is a sudoku solver using the backtracking algorithm in Python. It includes a graphical GUI as well as a text based version along side a JavaScript version.

Graphing Calculator

A fully functioning graphing calculator made out of JavaScript

Try my basic JavaScript Calculator

Try my C# Calculator

Tic Tac Toe

The Classic game of Tic Tac Toe made in HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Try my React Tac Toe

Next look at this digital art


Some Art

Vaporjawn's origins come from my instagram page with the same name. It's peaked at over 15,000 followers and that was never my intention. Just a plesant surprise.


Some Art

The instagram account started as a finsta. I created the finsta to take random pictures. Lucky for me, my iPhone 6S camera broke. I was forced to download an app called R4VE and started creating vaporwave edits.


More Art

While the page is inactive from a timeline standpoint, I 'consistently' update the story with beautiful edits that I find on the internet. And I also make art from time to time. It might have even popped up while you were reading this.


More Art

Vaporjawn has now grown into a fully fledged brand that is somewhat commonly known in the vaporwave community. It has music as well. Take a look at the page here

Want to reach me?

Here's a few of my contacts and socials so we can be in touch.