This is one of my favorite side project to talk about.
Vaporjawn is my former "Finsta" that I turned business.

The Backstory

Vaporjawn was never intended to be as big as it became. The instagram account actually started out as a private instagram account where I would be able to post more personal content. I started out with a few posts here and there, but then I had encounted a big problem. The camera on my iPhone 6S Plus, at the time, ceased to function at all; on both sides. At a crossroads, I was faced with either uploading screenshots that I had of pictures around the internet or creating my own instagram content entirely. Obviously I chose the latter. After making my initial vaporwave posts my followers influenced me to make my account public and it quickly grew along with requests and commissions.

Vaporwave and Beyond

While my instagram account may be mostly inactive at the moment, there are still plenty of ways I contribute to the vaporwave community in my day to day life. One of the other artistic mediums that has a strong vaporwave fanbase is the musical side to the genre. Below are links to two large vaporwave record labels.

Art from Vaporjawn


Some Art

Vaporjawn's origins come from my instagram page with the same name. It's peaked at over 15,000 followers and that was never my intention. Just a plesant surprise.


Some Art

The instagram account started as a finsta. I created the finsta to take random pictures. Lucky for me, my iPhone 6S camera broke. I was forced to download an app called R4VE and started creating vaporwave edits.


More Art

While the page is inactive from a timeline standpoint, I 'consistently' update the story with beautiful edits that I find on the internet. And I also make art from time to time. It might have even popped up while you were reading this.


More Art

Vaporjawn has now grown into a fully fledged brand that is somewhat commonly known in the vaporwave community. It has music as well. Take a look at the page here

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