The University

Temple University is a community of idividuals who truly show up everyday to learn. It's one of the reasons that I was so interested in the field I'm in now. Everyone at Temple is there to help and I'm no better example of that. I was able to blossom into a young adult with strong communication skills and got to diversify my knowledge with never-ending extracurricular activities.

Every year that I was at this University I felt like I was a completely different person. This allowed me to get my feet wet into serveral different fields before even completing my 4-year degree.
The school was everything that I could have ever wanted from 'the college experince'. A truly diverse student body, along with dedicated professors to guide you into the real world as a professional in your major.
They include a massive alumni network, while also providing an above average platform for employment through the University's career center.

The Students

One of my favorite parts of attending Temple University was that so many of the students were dedicated about their eduacation and willingly shared knowledge between one another. Everyone is there to learn and improve themselves. It's mostly unspoken, yet respected. I've made countless lifetime friends here and hope to make many more.

Events at the University

One of my other favorite parts about the university is that the students are able to organize so many events that people can't keep track. They have ways to get involved and a lot of popularity, which is hard to find at University. Night Owl events are also a treat as well.

Want to reach me?

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